Physical Hazard Database of chemicals

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Explosion test of fulminating silver. (AIST's test equipment DB)

(since 2006/07)

Last updated:2024/04/16
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What's new

2024/4 Added data to Search indexes.
2020/7 Added new measure to Program for Blast Damage Prediction.
2020/6 Resumed Program for Blast Damage Prediction.
2018/2 Added data to Search for Data of Energetic Materials.

The purpose of this Database

A lot of accidents related to chemicals are caused almost every day all over the world. However, there is only a little information about physical hazard of chemicals. Therefore, to open the information accumulated in our research institute to the public is considered very important.
This database aims to be an encyclopedic database, which contains all information about physical hazard of chemicals (United Nations Number, physical properties, evaluation test methods, prediction methods, etc.)

* For security reasons, access to the "Energetic Materials DB" and "Raw Materials Sensitivity DB" is restricted to registered users.

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